Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

hvacThe heating, ventilation and air conditioning is the technology that provides a building with comfort and clean air. This is also known as HVAC or high-voltage alternating current. You may have heard about a rooftop HVAC unit. An actual view of the intake vent can be seen. A ventilation duct with an actual outlet vent will leave you feeling confident that your environment is fresh and healthy. Thermal comfort and a high indoor air quality will leave everyone in the building feeling healthy and comfortable. This system is a highly important aspect of any residential structure and any facility. Repairing and maintaining of these systems is vital to ensure a safe environment for everyone. The temperature and humidity along with the air quality matters.

A Few General Heating and Cooling Principles

The design of a HVAC system is actually based on principles of the following:
*fluid mechanics
* heat transfer
* refrigeration
The design principles will provide your environment with high quality comfort and ensure good health for everyone. There is a large variety of different HVAC systems to meet the needs of every building and home. The principles are uncomplicated and maintaining a HVAC system properly will enhance your entire environment.